Initial Consultation - 75 mins

Initial Consultation - 75 mins

Initial Consultation - 75 mins

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Before The Consultation:

Once booked in, I will email you my health history form to complete. I review your questionnaire before we meet, meaning we can hit the ground running so you feel better, as quickly as possible.

First Consultation

Your first consultation can last up to 75 minutes. I will assess how each of your body systems are functioning (digestive, endocrine/hormonal health, hepatic/liver, circulatory, immune, reproductive and/or musculoskeletal etc.) and I will evaluate your stress levels, sleep health, and your current diet and lifestyle.

It’s my job to review all aspects of your life, including work/home/food/stress/relaxation etc. This gives me a complete picture of factors that may be influencing your health.

Creating A Plan – Setting You Up For Success

You have taken the time to prioritise health; now, and for the future. You know your body and your limits better than anyone else. Together we will find the best fit in achieving your health goals.

Testing And Remedies

Testing can help put the pieces of your health ‘puzzle’ together and drive treatment strategies towards the root cause of your health challenge; and ultimately a quicker health outcome! I offer a wide variety of testing including both general pathology and functional testing. I will walk you through step-by-step instructions for tests that need to be completed at home. 

I may also prescribe suitable naturopathic remedies such as herbal tinctures and practitioner range supplements (not included in cost of consultation) when we first meet.

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