New Brand Alert: Alcapoc Natural Skincare Product & Brand Review

The organic skin care market is growing at a rapid rate, and there are now more options available for natural and organic brands than ever before. Whilst it’s great to have choice, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with just so many products available on the market. Finding the right natural and organic product that delivers results doesn't have to be overcomplicated; thanks to our ‘new' face hero and new brand on the block; Alcapoc Natural Skincare.

Personally, I’m in love with Alcapoc for highlighting native ingredients that present nature at its finest whilst always delivering results. 

How does Alcapoc compare to the many brands on the market for natural skin care?

I've done the research to help you make educated decisions when shopping for skincare. This review will introduce each of their main products and ingredients, which skin types they’re excellent for, and most importantly; how they can improve your skin.

Alcapoc represents the next generation of conscious skincare

This means... 

  • Formulations that are sustainably created from the highest quality ingredients and natural botanical actives.
  • Products suitable for all skin types, all genders and ages, and in particular those with sensitive skin skin and skin conditions.
  • A brand that leads the way by sourcing local ingredients wherever appropriate and the best quality ingredients based on evidence and research- always!
  • 100% free of synthetic chemicals, animal testing, artificial fragrances, or other harmful additives. Harsh chemicals have been proven to damage skin cells over time and lead to premature ageing.

Alcapoc Natural Skincare has launched with a boutique range of 4 products

The launch products include 2 elixir serums and 2 luxurious face oils. This boutique range is designed to be used in tandum as a ‘set’ i.e. elixir (first) and the face oil (following) together.

Elixir #1. Divinity – Elixir of Anti-ageing

This product was chosen as a Finalist for ‘Best Australian Product 2022’ in the Green Edit.

Inspired by ancient alchemy and the elixir of life, Alcapoc’s Divinity serum’s hero natural botanical active is Caviar Lime; making it a perfect vitamin C serum for your face, and contains therapeutic levels of AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) to naturally exfoliate the skin, reduce susceptibility to environmental toxins and pollution and help boost skin regeneration. 

Violet rice is included as a rich source of anthocyanins; natural antioxidant protection and the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herb Magnolia Berry helps to reduce any redness thanks to the high content of lignins.  

Best of all, Divinity and all the products in the Alcapoc range do not sensitize the skin. They can totally replace a serum, or be used in addition to a serum. 

Face Oil #1. Japonica – Face Oil for Dry Skin

Inspired by a Japanese autumn afternoon, this medium bodied oil is nourishing and hydrating, without being overly heavy on the face. Whilst the oil is fragrant, it doesn’t linger on the skin and is paired specifically with the Divinity elixir to lock in the natural actives of the serum onto the face.

2 – 3 drops is all that’s needed to deliver vitamins A, C, D & E to the skin thanks to Tsubaki oil and Pomegranate sterols that promote deep hydration to the skin and combat any challenges with dryness. 

Elixir #2 Paeon Elixir – Elixir of Clarity and Brightness

As Divinity Elixir is best suited for anti-ageing, Paeon Elixir is your go to serum for those looking for brightness and hydration, in particular those wishing to address hyper-pigmentation thanks to the addition of Licorice Root which is known to support melanin production at a cellular level.

Olive Leaf will help to purify the skin whilst Marshmallow flower will help to soothe irritated skin, making this the perfect serum to protect against acne too.

Paeon elixir is a lightweight, fast absorbing serum that leaves your skin looking and feeling healthy and alive. Absolutely no sticky or thick feeling.

Face Oil #2. Jora - Face Oil for Oily & Combination Skin

Inspired by the Amazon Forest, Jorá Oil from Alcapoc completes the range and is specially designed for oily and combination skin, any redness, acne and/or irritation.

Jora is a much thinner face oil and contains Babassu Oil, rich source of vitamin E and lauric acid to provide natural antibacterial support for the skin. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals in your body, preventing damage from sun exposure as well as skin cancer. It also prevents wrinkles by keeping collagen production at its optimal level so you'll look younger longer!

It’s critical to not overwork or overburden the skin in sensitive conditions and the key focus should be to bring the skin back to its natural state and lower the inflammation that’s causing the irritation as quickly as possible.

Açai will contain a natural source of vitamin A and D; both healing the skin layer, without striping the skin as many synthetic vitamin A products can do and Passionfruit Oil will protect the skins natural immunity and lower free radical damage to the skin. 

The harsh climate and landscape in Australia has led to us have some pretty resilient native plants. With high amounts of vitamins and antioxidants, these plants are able to tackle our environment and in turn, work wonders for our skin. 

All the formula’s are antioxidant-rich and help to strengthen the skin's natural barrier and protect it from environmental damage.

We all want radiant, healthy and glowing skin. So why not treat your skin the way it deserves? Alcapoc has got you covered when it comes to skincare. Shop the range now here.

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