Frequently Asked Questions

For all orders $75.00 or over (excluding shipping) within Australia shipping is FREE. Our delivery fees are a flat $8.95 for less than $75.00 within Australia. We can also ‘Express Post’ your package for a flat fee of $15.00.

All international orders are shipped via Australia Post. The rates are competitive and the shipping fee depends on weight and location. Delivery will be calculated at checkout and starts from $20.00.

Our packaging is as minimal as possible. We always use recycled boxes and use Sendle for our mailers. Sendle provide 100% carbon neutral shipping and all their mailers are compostable.

If you receive any white 'plastic beans' in your order these are cornstarch peanuts. We don't buy them, we receive them from suppliers and keep them moving around the globe. They are 100% biodegradable and dissolve in less than a minute under water. We'll wrap your product if we think it needs it to be kept safe for transport.

1st Nature only sources and stocks the best clean beauty, skincare, wellness, plastic free and home and lifestyle products with a huge focus on Australian made, local products. If I wouldn’t recommend it to a client as a naturopath, I won’t sell it. Australia has amazing natural and native ingredients and incredible products, so I want to support local brands wherever possible.

100% YES. Every product will be free of animal testing and is a key criteria in anything sold on the site. We also stock an extensive range of vegan products across clean beauty, plastic free & wellness. 

We accept Paypal, Credit Cards, and GooglePay. I will happily take phone orders if you prefer to pay over the phone. Please note I don't store your payment details and we never write your card details down if you ring us on 0417 364 106 and order over the phone.

Amazing. I’m humbled you would consider 1st Nature to stock your brand. Please get in touch with us at


Your 1st appointment will go for up to 75 minutes and will include:

A comprehensive analysis of your past and present health concerns 

Discussion of your health goals and strategies to help achieve them

Dietary and lifestyle advice

An individualised treatment program

Supplementation/herbal liquid mix/nutritional compound where required

Advice on options for both conventional & functional testing markers.

I get it - I would want to know how long it would take too. It’s important to know that natural medicine is generally not a quick fix. However, nothing in life should be a quick fix and if it is, it probably won’t last long.

The answer to this question
depends on so many factors such as; how long have you had your symptoms, how committed you are, and how you respond to the herbal medicine and supplements
prescribed. It’s just like planting a seed. You can’t just put it in the soil
and forget about it when you want it to flourish. You’ve got to prep the soil, add the seedling and make sure it has enough water and sunlight.

Typically, it takes more than 1
appointment to get to the core of your health challenge. In saying that – often, even the simplest changes can yield fantastic health outcomes. Results will come with commitment and perseverance. 

What have you got to lose?

It is essential that you continue taking prescription medication until advised by your Doctor.

I am well trained at integrating natural medicines with conventional medicine while working with specific health conditions and dietary
restrictions. Additionally, I am happy to work alongside your healthcare

I strongly suggest for you to let your Doctor know the specific herbs and supplements I have suggested.

There is an abundance of high quality, scientific studies on many of the herbal medicines and nutrients I use. These can be found on Pubmed and in several peer-reviewed medical journals such as the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Supplements found in supermarkets

- Often contain low doses of nutrients

- May contain nutrients in the wrong form. This can lead to
poor absorption, and ultimately – poor outcomes. e.g. Iron/Fe contained in many forms including
Ferrous Sulphate

- Can often be poorly manufactured – and end up doing more
harm than good

I ONLY recommend supplements that provide the highest quality of nutrients in their most bioavailable form to ensure the very best absorption for your body and best therapeutic outcomes.

A Nutritionist is trained in nutritional medicine alone to correct health challenges; & a herbalist uses herbal medicine alone to correct health issues. A Naturopath is trained in both nutritional medicine and herbal medicine & often utilises a
number of different techniques to assist you in working with your health

Always check the qualifications of your practitioner to ensure
they are a degree trained AND belong to an Australian governing body in their field. There are a number of short courses available which hold little to zero scientific background and clinical

I am a qualified Naturopath (BHSc) with a Bachelor of Health Science from Charles Sturt University & hold post grad qualifications with the Institute of Functional Medicine (AFMCP grad).

I hold membership with the governing body, Australian Natural Therapists Association ANTA. My member numbers is 8904.

Yes, I am a BIG fan of testing in my practice as it gives hard information of what is going on inside your individual body.

I certainly understand that testing can be costly, so wherever possible can suggest specific panels & analytes that you can ask for from your doctor, and why.

I also use a number of functional testing partners for more comprensive inforation.

There are many panels and suppliers I use include (but are not limited to);

Hormone profiles; DUTCH hormone profile

Gut | Stool | GI Mapping; RN Labs & Designs for Health

Adrenal Stress Index; Nutripath

And so many more....

*Please note* Testing is not conducted at time of consultation - however can be easily ordered online and completed at home at your convenience.