About Us

Hi, I'm Gillian the founder of 1st Nature.

We all know what second nature is– a skill or habit you do so often, or so well, that you no longer have to think about it... walking, speaking your language, riding a bike etc.

There are lots of interpretations about 1st Nature. Things like;

  • Something you do because of nature or biology, such as walking, breathing, eating
  • Your ancestory, your DNA; how you come into this world
  • Your potential, your instinct

For me, 1st Nature is simply intrinsic, implicit knowing.

With health, with the environment, and with living our best life, we all intrinsically ‘know what’s good for us, what’s good for our planet and what we need to live our best lives. However, sometimes it can be hard to make these decisions each and every day. There are many people, professing so many stories of what is good for you and why. It can be overwhelming, over complicated and confusing.

As a woman, as a mother, as a naturopath, and as an educator I want to debunk and demystify all of the options for you to separate the good, the bad and the ugly; so you can ultimately, make the best and most informed choice for you and for your family.

Our Purpose

I am passionate about raising awareness around:

Health and Wellness

It’s my job as a naturopath to help you understand your individual body– your personal story and the habits and beliefs that undermined your health journey. My online wellness store 1st Nature only provides the highest quality supplements, herbs, tonics and solutions to make your body thrive.

My personal health & wellness journey has allowed me to deep dive into understanding a persons’ health in a way that is not possible, unless you’ve walked the path. As a result, I am a more compassionate person, a more present mother, and a far more empathetic practitioner.

Plastic-free & Sustainability

As a human-being at the half-way point in life (if I’m lucky), I’m questioning if the ‘mark’ I am leaving is making this planet a better place than before I came.

The answer is sadly, probably not. I’ve been an avid traveller in all of my adult years, and have bounced around the globe multiple times (and hope to do again). I recycle all that I can, but I quite often wonder if I’ve done ‘more harm than good’ and question if what I’m putting in the yellow bin disrupts the recycling process or helps it.

Equally, as a mother of two sassy and switched on girls, I know one day the question will be asked ‘what did you do to help?’ Most people want the world to be in a healthier state than it is now. However, I know a lot of people, including myself, are so confused about what choice to make, how to make it and what the impact truely is.

Clean Beauty & Lifestyle

My eldest daughter, Vivienne has struggled with chronic eczema since birth. I can promise you, we’ve tried every type of lotion and potion to help soothe and protect her weakened skin barrier and have experienced first-hand the dramatic positive effect a natural product can have on her skin. 

Plus, as a middle aged ‘new’ Mum, skincare products are fast becoming really important to me. Whilst I’m not thrilled about the ageing process, I’m not terrified of it either. I simply want to be and look the very best version of myself. However, I definitely want products that bring results!

Clean beauty and a healthy lifestyle are an integral piece of the health puzzle. I understand your skincare needs to be as unique as you, and have hand curated a collection to include only the most therapeutic ranges that deliver results.

I want to be part of this solution and no longer part of the problem and
I’d love for you to join me along the way.

Gillian Day 
Naturopath & founder 1st Nature