Naturobest Preconception Care for Men & Women Product Review

If there’s 1 thing I can talk about in length, it’s fertility, pregnancy…… and babies. Through my own fertility story, I struggled with secondary infertility and spent close to 8 years trying to conceive (TTC) baby number 2. I’ve now been so blessed to be able to complete my family and have guided and counselled hundreds of women as a fertility naturopath over my professional life. This has made the ‘business of baby’ something that is quite honestly, etched in stone internally, and externally on me.

Planning a healthy baby absolutely needs to start 3-4 months before you’ve conceived one. This is when the egg and sperm are in the developmental stage, and the quality of the DNA they produce are greatly affected by nutritional status of both Mum and Dad. Nutrients are the building blocks of healthy eggs and healthy sperm and the right nutrients, in a quality form can only assist and support you and give your family the best head start. 

Side note……We all know it takes 2 to tango so I’m always left bewildered when only Mum to be turns up for a fertility consultation at my naturopathic clinic. I NEVER consult solely with a woman TTC and ALWAYS set up an appointment to touch base with her male partner. Men are ‘lucky’ in the sense that they continue to produce sperm throughout their life, so they have so much more capacity to upgrade the quality of their sperm and DNA through good quality nutrition and supplementation. It takes roughly 72 days for sperm to mature and approximately 100 days for an egg to reach maturation. During this time, the DNA contained within the egg and the sperm are highly vulnerable to toxicity from our environment.

Naturobest Preconception Care for Men 60 tabs

All of the critical building blocks have been considered, researched and added in their most powerful and bioavailable states with the Naturobest Precoception Care for both women and men including;


Zinc is important  because zinc does THIS 

And that’s not all……

Scientifically, Zinc is important as it works with your B vitamins to make an enzyme with a really cool name; Superoxide Dismutase. This sexy enzyme counteracts damage done by free radicals to protect our DNA.

Oxidative stress may be 1 of the reasons for ‘unexplained’ fertility. Generally, other prenatal vitamins contain low doses of poorly absorbed and cheap zinc which can actually use up your antioxidant reserves and promote chronic, low grade inflammation.

NaturoBest Preconception contains 24mg of elemental and high quality Zinc citrate, known to protect the cells against DNA damage and support your thyroid gland to make active amounts of thyroid hormone, i.e. T3. A healthy thyroid is crucial to maintain a healthy menstrual cycle and a healthy pregnancy.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Coenzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring compound, and has recently become a popular fertility nutrient, particularly for the ‘geriatrics’ amongst us. And you can forget 40+ as geriatric – and think more 35, even 30+

CoQ10 provides a power source for the battery contained in each and every 1 of our cells, known as the mitochondria and studies have shown that age related decline in egg function could be reversed by administration of CoQ10; (say WHAT!!!)

In addition, CoQ10 may help to thicken the uterine lining to improve fertility rates in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS); 


Selenium is an antioxidant powerhouse for fertility and pregnancy and can help promote healthy uterine follicles, where eggs are developed and released.  A deficiency in selenium can lead to complications in pregnancy, a higher rate of miscarriages and be detrimental for the nervous system of the developing baby.

Whilst a humble 3 Brazil nuts per day will give you the adequate amounts of this precious micronutrient; sadly Brazie nuts these days – AREN’T MADE IN BRAZIL!! They’re generally made in China, where the soil is heavily deficient in selenium.

Active B Vitamins

Key word here = ‘active’. A lot of over the counter (OTC) prenatal supplements contain B vitamins in an ‘inactive’ form. When B vitamins (particularly folate) are in their inactive form, it can actually do more harm than good by flooding the system and creating inflammation in the body and basically, an inflamed body is not going to want to support and bring in a healthy pregnancy and baby.

NaturoBest’s preconception product is Australia’s very 1st preconception multi containing Quatrefolic, an active folinic acid, ideal for women who have genetic difficulties metabolising folic acid; also known as the MTHFR gene (up to 70% of Caucasian women have this genetic variant!)

B Vitamins are at the peak of your bubba’s nutrient needs to help develop your babies’ nervous system and neural tube.

Vitamin D

The best way to get vitamin D is with healthy exposure to sunlight. However, our modern day lives of ‘slip, slop, slap’ and sitting indoors most of the day mean it’s really common to be insufficient and just as often, deficient in this vitamin, which is not good news for those TTC. Vitamin D is essential for the development of healthy hormones. Hormones are signalling, or communicator molecules and it’s the communication and signalling that create the template for a healthy menstrual cycle and a balanced pregnancy; 


Iron supports the growth and development of the placenta and the baby in the very early stages of pregnancy by red blood cells, providing blood and nutrients needed to supply oxygen to developing baby. However, more is not necessarily better and many prenatal supplements contain poorly absorbed iron. Naturobest Preconception Multi for Women contains 24mg of highly bioavailable iron bisglycinate.

When it comes to preconception and pregnancy care, 1 of my absolute favourite brands is Naturobest. Get hold of some today

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